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What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Do share your response to this intriguing question...

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  • Jun 29 2012: So I just wonder If you will do sth as you just knew you could not win.There is something we can't change.If we fail again and again,what about reminding yourself that maybe it's the one you can't change.It's the one you can't love.It's the one you can't choose.
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      Jun 29 2012: There is common sense in your response Walt. It is extremely valid and necessary to know when enough is enough. However, is there not evidence that this is the modus operendi of most of humanity? Why would we get in the way of the dreamers. Dreamers are not here to validate that way - they serve to point the way, the impossible without blind faith way- maybe the only way that ultimately works way - to others. Let them dream and you do the sober part.

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