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What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Do share your response to this intriguing question...

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    Jun 22 2012: I would close down all livestock, fish, dairy, and grain farms and replace them with high nutrition and calorie yield fruit trees like mango, banana, persimmon, date, papaya and all the other thousands more types of fruit, and farms of leafy greens and vegetables. I would remind everyone that we a FRUGIVORES, we are primates, and we need to return to a diet of fruits and leafy greens if we want to prevent cancer, degenerative diseases, obesity, malnutrition, allergies and other health problems.

    People are spending so much money, harming so many animals for research and wasting so much time trying to find a cure for cancer when we already know how to prevent it in the first place - eat right and stop polluting. We are primates and we should be eating like it. Humans, like our cousin apes, are frugivorous animals; everything about our physiology indicates this - from our digestive tract to our teeth to our colour vision to our nutritional requirements. Eat a diet of fruits and leafy greens, drink plenty of water, sleep 10+ hrs a night, play and live your life purpose if you want to avoid health problems.

    I also highly highly recommend the book '80 10 10' by Dr Douglas Graham. Many nutritionists, olympic athletes, marathoners, doctors and families have learnt this and are all beginning to return to a high carb raw vegan diet. It is a winfinity concept - brilliant for the environment, animal welfare, human health and sustainability.

    If we ate more sweet juicy fruits and stopped eating meat, eggs and dairy, not only would we cut our CO2 emissions in half, but we would also produce more calories and nutrients per acre (since unlike grains the fruit harvest is not on just one horizontal level, but spreads upwards and outwards to produce a higher yield on the same patch of land), the fruit trees would absorb CO2, we would save money on health care, nurturing animals and expanding their habitats whilst opening a new paradigm and reducing excessive consumerism.
    • Jun 22 2012: You sound connected to a Transition Town group or at least aware of Permaculture...
      Great vision!

      BTW, do it - you won't fail. Every planted fruit or nut tree or veg patch is a success.
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        Jun 23 2012: Thanks for the encouragement, I'm not connected to a transition town but am quite interested in them. Some people say that it's an 'extreme' vision, but really the current agricultural system is the one that's extreme.
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          Jun 24 2012: They work. Learn about Permaculture, or come find me!
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      R H 30+

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      Jun 23 2012: Very fascinating. Thank you for the concise and eloquent information. I read a 'diet' book by Kimberly Snyder that purports a similar approach. That we are closer to the, pound for pound, most powerful animal on earth - the gorilla - than any other species. I have stopped dairy but not meat, and am very good with greens. But its the overall sustainability aspect that is most intriguing. I'm fascinated with the 'movement' of sustainability, am a big fan of Paul Hawkin, and appreciate your approach. Would you recommend any groups or blogs, other than TED, where a novice like me can get more information about applicability and transformation, and communicate with others of like mind? Also, what's your take on gluten? Thank you in advance for any input you could offer.
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        Jun 23 2012: I appreciate your comment, yes I am a member of a brilliant forum called www.30bananasaday.com, founded by cyclist, ahlete and youtuber Durianrider aka Harley Johnstone (here's a really nice talk from him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ha10HFlurY), as well as www.foodnsport.com, founded by Dr Doug Graham who is actually training several 2012 Olympians on a high carb raw vegan diet.

        My take on gluten is that it is best avoided, by eating tubers like sweet potatoes, potatoes as well as gluten free options made from rice, corn or soy instead of grains. There is a good book called 'Grain Damage' that you could maybe read on the matter. However, though I understand you may disagree, I'd say meat would be a higher priority to eliminate from your diet as many scientific studies have found it to cause diseases -

        If you are not ready to fully adopt a diet of fruits and tender veggies, you can still do your body and the environment the world of good by going cooked vegan, and you won't need to change your meals at all as there is a delicious vegan replacement for pretty much every meat and dairy product - the best 'meats' and burgers I ever tasted were vegan.

        The plethora of fruits that are abundant to us in supermarkets means there are many cooked dishes you can recreate even when eating high carb raw vegan, from delicious savoury 'spagetti' dishes with sauce, to 'apple pie' with 'ice cream', as well as seriously thousands of new recipes to try. I live in the UK and it costs me £2 to £4 a day to eat this way, beforehand I was spending £3.20 on lunch alone.

        Just a few environmental benefits:
        - Little to no food packaging
        - Free compost from peelings
        - Less water and chemicals needed to clean as there are no pots to scrub or dangerous bacteria
        - Fruit trees stabilise topsoil and provide a habitat

        The all-important PROOF of the super results: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucHEVNX2c9o
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          R H 30+

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          Jun 24 2012: It is so wonderful of you to respond so generously. I read in your approach so much positive enthusiasm for the subject, yet tempered by a realism and and a data-driven foundation that is inspriring and 'holistically' energizing. I hope you find much joy in your life and what you do, and that you don't get discouraged if it takes longer to accomplish your goals than desired... I know about meat, but convenience has been a problem for me. It also gets very cold here so something hot and hardy is welcome. I'm sure there are adequate vegan recipes. I need to get better organized. I have no problem with 'raw'. I actually prefer it. As I consider this further, it's really about being organized.I live in a large urban area and everything necessary is available readily. Sustainability is necessary, upon us, and very exciting to me. Next I imagine, after 'sustainability', we'll have true abundance for all. We are on the verge of this exciting transformation! It's happening now.
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      Jun 25 2012: I think you are a very well written and thoughtful individual. Did you know that a combination of beans and corn creates all of the amino acids and proteins needed to live? The pioneers learned this 2-300 years ago and it was just about all they ate.
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      Jun 28 2012: I hope you take a vitamin B12 supplement.

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