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Rethinking our transportation infrastructure.

When I look out the window each day I see a lot of wasted energy: cars that decay (just sitting there), roads, garbage, etc.

So I have a dream:

Everyone needs transportation. But not everyone can afford personal transportation.
So I am designing a framework for the automated transportation system of the future:
Imagine a transportation system that provides what you need in context:
1 seat “car” when you are going to work
5 seat “car” when you are with your friends
Special “car”, designed and equipped appropriately when you are:
- with your family;
- going on a trip;
- moving to a new home;
Since the transportation system already knows where you are and where you are going, your “car” can pick up your neighbours mail, it can take your trash for the recycling plant, it can get someone’s on-line order and progress it to its destination, seamlessly, while you are going to the football match.
Because more people are going to the match the “cars” can be grouped in a “train” becoming faster and more aerodynamic.
Once you get to your destination, the “car” will park itself neatly in a stack or provide same kind of service to someone else making a big emphasis on resource – “car” reuse.
After a messy trip, the passenger of the “car” can tell it to go for a wash.
It can take your children to school and your grandma to the doctor appointment. It can transport people with disabilities that otherwise, have to rely on someone else.
Since the system takes care of planning, driving, washing, maintenance the most important capital can be protected: PEOPLE.
The goal is to make the most efficient type of transportation available by choosing between the best
- infrastructure: road, bridge, elevated highway
- surface: tarmac, rails, water, magnets
- contact: wheels, skids, magnets
- fuel: gas, electric, water / H2
- habitat: for 1 person, X friends, a family, utility

The technology is already available. We just need to

Hope to hear from you soon,

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    Jul 20 2012: I quite like the vision, especially as I can place more trust in a time-tested automated machine than I can in any human at any time.
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    Jun 23 2012: People need to live in proximity to their work and transport themselves on bicycles or by running or walking. If we cut down on consumerism and produce the resources to meet our basic needs locally then we will be less dependent on energy.