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Who said "XX universities have learning in their mission statement"

I'm writing a paper on policy change in higher education and I am looking for a quote I'm pretty sure I heard in a TEDtalk. Unfortunately, I can not find it back in my history folder nor can I remember who said it. Maybe one of you know where I would have heard it? Thanks for your help.

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    Jun 21 2012: On the left side of the TED page right under your profile is a area called "search conversations" based on Emily McMannis. Give that a try. Emily has a area under questions that says let me help you find a TED talk. Tell her all you know and she will do her magic. She is great.

    All the best bob.
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    Jun 20 2012: I don't know the talk, but if we look at university mission statements, the substitution of synonyms or collections of words for the word "learning" should not be construed as a de-emphasis on learning. You might want to look at lots of mission statements to determine for yourself where the emphasis of the university seems to be and whether it does not seem to be about student learning. Focusing on the presence or absense of a specific word in the mission statement is more a rhetorical device than a research approach perhaps?