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The Human Worth Calculator Project

We are worth more than the money we earn and the assets we own.

Our deeds account for our worth as human beings.

Good deeds have great impact on another human being, society and the environment.

So if we use our deeds to calculate our true worth as a person, how much human worth currency have we accumulated in our lifetime?

I am hoping my idea can help us know if we have done little, enough or more than enough.

I would need your help to make this idea happen.

I would like to invite everyone to contribute every possible human deed actionable.

We then create an app that lets you calculate your own worth.

I hope this project can help push for more positive action, and make us richer and happier beyond cash and assets.

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    Jun 20 2012: so you would measure people's value with some numbers and algorithms ... in order to remind ourself to our humanity?
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    Jun 28 2012: .
    Helping old lady across street, small street : 2 points
    Helping old lady across street, big street : 2.5 points
    Helping old lady across street, small street, chatting nicely : 3 points
    Helping old lady across street, big street, chatting nicely : 3.5 points
    Helping old lady across street, small street, chatting nicely and smiling : 4 points
    Helping old lady across street, small street, chatting nicely and smiling big time : 4.5 points

    Do you see where this is leading to? And we haven't even considered the weather on that day, nor did we (male) include our disadvantages in multitasking operations which got to count some way! :o)

    Who gives which value to which deed? And if he, she or they did this, why them? And why only two points, not three? Who is writing those algorithms in that program? What rule on rounding apply? Is there a norm for this? Who gets access to my data, and why? Can I see yours? Why not?

    And what about all those cross reactions, indirect influences, randomness? What are good deeds, which aren't? What by the way is good anyway? Are there special offers? Happy hours? Discounts?

    If you believe in Karma you are lucky, because all of these calculations are already done automatically, in real-time, fair and independently of any false intention. If you do not believe in Karma by now, you may wan't to reconsider this.

    The moment we would start counting and adding our good deeds, we would destroy their value, their essence at that very moment as their true nature is sincere and by this unintentional.

    This, our true value, is a none 'app'able application, does not really belong on smartphones and should not, if at all, be calculated by ourselfs.

    If you are uncertain, just use your own heart and those which love yours and listen honestly to what they say! These are the only clues you are getting, so make the best out of them for you, your beloved ones and those you may choose one day.

    And do not limit yourself, as none of us ever should.
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    Jun 25 2012: How about a fairer society via leveling the value of contributions of individuals? Check it out here:
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    Jun 24 2012: Kit, This has already been addressed in Obamacare and has been labeled Death Panels. If your earnings worth is not greater than the cost of treating you then treatment is denied even if it would result in death.

    If this information is available do you want it to be the criteria for your health care (as in the US), your resume for job application, your finicial statement for buying a house. Once it is started it will be used by many agencies and corporations. The opportunity for abuse and the possibility of "doctoring" is to great to contemplate.

    I am 70 years old and if Obamacare goes through I have no earning potential and will certainly be denied care that would prolong my life. Fair or not these are the facts.

    I, therefore, am against human worth calculators.

    All the best. Bob.
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      Jul 20 2012: I too would be against a human worth calculator for the following reason- I am not convinced that a person of great worth cannot arise out of an average Joe or Josephine. So if opportunities make heroes - a person who is totally unremarkable in every way could be walking his dog on a sunny day and find a kid drowning and save that kid who could grow up to be someone remarkable like a cancer doc or a social engineer.
      Before that time, these people could just be couch potatoes with a great repetoire of jokes for example or one with no apparent redeeming qualities. I am not in favour of evaluating seeds but rather I would prefer to give a person a chance across their life;s spectrum of time. Just because someone arrives at retirement without signifiant accomplishments does not mean that they are not noble - perhaps just the opposite.
  • Jun 24 2012: This sounds interesting, but I think it would require feedback from others, something like the TED thumbs-up.

    You might do something that seems tiny to you, but it might make a huge positive impact on someone.

    You might need a thumbs-down also. Some of the most horrible deeds have been done with the best of intentions.

    I would not consider this a measure of human worth. Perhaps a personal morality scorecard?
    • Jun 24 2012: Yes, a personal morality scorecard makes better sense. The use of the words "human worth" has been not the best choice of words to describe the idea. My apologies. I hope you can please see beyond my bad choice of words, and see the intention of the idea. And I want to believe amazing things can happen when people come together on an idea.
  • Jun 22 2012: Thanks, Arthanari. Want to get it done? It would be really great if this becomes something real.
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    Jun 22 2012: Nothing in this world pushes people to do more good. Everybody are so encouraged by some factor to post their next pic on facebook but nothing is that encouraging in this world that pushes people to say that i am going to do more good things than i did yesterday.

    If something does that its just their heart or some co-incidence. So giving an external stimuli for people to do good is not a bad idea in any perspective. Let it be a mediocre idea, but because it has some good intention its definitely worth trying out.
  • Jun 21 2012: Thank you everyone for your thoughts. It is good for me to know how others perceive this idea.

    This started off innocently with the realization that I have not done much to help others. I ticked off the good deeds I remembered doing and realized that I have done little.

    So I tried listing down some good deeds, and thought what if each good deed merits a value. I could then add them all up and see how I scored. The only thing I could think of on my own was a point-based system. And I obviously did not know how to 'calculate' the deeds.

    I just thought this could be one way to encourage myself to do more. And also to use as sort of a game with my daughter.

    It is not to compare someone's value to another. There is no scoreboard.

    The idea is still raw, and I just wanted to see if someone else can see the positive side of this idea, and how it can be pushed farther.

    Thank you for spending some of your time thinking about this.
  • Jun 21 2012: Not sure you can find a satisfactory end to this idea. Sorry, but I need more explanation of what you intend.
  • Jun 21 2012: and in the end
    the love you take
    is equal to the love
    you make - The Beatles
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    Jun 20 2012: Nice idea, but I find all this very Hitler-like.
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    R H

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    Jun 20 2012: What is a human 'worth'? The very question is de-humanizing to me. By 'calculating our worth' would mean we have relative value to each other, rather than intrinsic value individually, and is just another way to divide, highlight, and create a relative and segregating method rather than uniting us as significant members of the human family by birthright. We created the concept of 'worth' to manage our world around us, which resulted in huge disparities between us. Now we want to turn this same concept on ourselves. To make the assumption that "our deeds account for our worth..." merely substitute our current 'asset based' value system with another one that differentiates us from each other through a, now arbitrary, 'deeds' calculator. I believe the goal here is noble - to try to create a concept and method to instill honor, consideration, and dignity to humanity. But pitting us against each other through deeds assessment is another recipe that 'tastes good', but has no 'nutritional' value and can cause 'cancer'. We cannot conceive of humans having relative 'worth'. We can only regard them as brother and sister, sons and daughters, members of the human family. Beyond value.
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    Jun 20 2012: Well, most of the time people are scared to share their personal information. Not only their bank account numbers, but sometimes even their date of birth. So for the kind of project that you are willing to jump in, it will in turn demand the target customers to key in end to end information about them also including some of their secrets which might receive tremendous resistance even making the whole project fail.

    So this possesses a major threat.

    I think the best way to build an application like this is it should be able to work as a standalone app which does not require connectivity and with some intelligence we can find the goods and bads a person has done.

    Another thing we can do is we can get the goods and bads done by a person anonymously and he can note down the id of each entry he puts in and then he can search for the ids as a array and then get the result of it. As the people who are going to rate individual items entered by the customer wont be able to see who entered this they ll rate the item good or bad irrespective of who did it and the customer can get a whole insight of what his worth will be based on the crowd sourced data.

    I have some more ideas popping out in my mind as i think through this. Let me know whether you have made any progress in this.