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The traditional Left V Right picture of the political world has become a destructive force.

This topic is inspired by my experiences on TED. I often find myself in total agreement in one instance and total disagreement in another with the same tedsters. Political ideology isn't a linear scale and the pre-judgement of some ones opinion on one topic based on their opinion on another topic just gets in the way of constructive debate. For the record I am pro-choice, pro-freemarket in general but pro public health and education. As far as utilities are concerned I'm pro-freemarket, but a level of government regulation ensures compatability between different providers. I'm anti-censorship and ambivalent aboutJulian Assange. I really don't know if I'm right or left or up or down.


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  • Jun 20 2012: The idea of left right is an illusion, created by democracy. People are too dumb to figure out what a certain political idea means for them, and especially what ideology created that political idea, so they have gathered various ideas and ideologies (many of which should NOT be in the same category) and put a stamp on it, like this: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/36/European-political-spectrum.png/372px-European-political-spectrum.png

    The truth is that, because of democracy, politicians want to differentiate themselves from "opponents", even if they think the same way. Because the average voter will vote for the politician who just copies that other guy. This is why you will never get the same answer on a question, if one politician says 2+2=3 the other one will say 2+2=5, simply because that makes him unique, and then we will have a long and pointless discussion about things that don't matter, only to win votes from the stupid consumers because they don't know that 2+2 is actually 4.

    And it's not even the fault of the politicians, it's a fault of the system. Every day politicians have to struggle for their power, to be able to exercise their ideas, they *have to* engage in the political games and discussion, which leaves them with less time to make proper decisions.
    And not even talking about how we managed to rape democracy since the second World War, how did democracy go from "the people govern" to "each individual has equal democratic power to everyone else, but there is no longer a collective power because nobody even listens to the opinion of others."

    Democracy went from *power for the people* to *power for the individual*, and now we are on the brink of various political crises, it is time to change something.

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