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Let's reward long term thinking.

I'm tired of disasters occurring because of short term gains. Surely we ingest pollutants for short term gains, we lose jobs for quarterly gains and not decade gains and growth.

How can we increase the incentives associated with long term goals, planning, and larger rewards. Although I understand some long term goals don't reward as well or as quickly, but what can we change about our thinking to choose the long term goals, to choose to benefit ourselves and others.


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    • Jul 20 2012: Nice.
    • Jul 20 2012: You're right. I'm thinking in hindsight and reflecting back imposing "should've thinking." Feels like I'm wasting time instead of trying to push forward on something more forward thinking.

      Thanks for putting me in my place.
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        • Jul 20 2012: Myf. You're first response was just as revealing as your second.

          It's fine! Honestly, it made me realize a few things:
          1) In order to incentivize long term thinking, we have to teach it
          2) Reflective behavior can sometimes limit one's ability to look forward
          3) If we spent all the time planning, would we get anywhere?
          4) You're right, we tend to not think about long term consequence of our actions, but sometimes in doing so, we create something that changes everything in ways we never thought could.

          Your comments made me realize I have to stop popping people with hindsight and instead of saying I told you so, start asking, "Well. Now that this has happened, what can we do to prepare in the future? What should we look for next? How do we plan better?" etc.

          Both responses, edited and non were perfect for me and made me think more. ::laughs:: Admittedly, I felt like a twat at first, but chewing on both allowed me to think. So, props to you Myf! You're awesome and I genuinely mean that!
        • Jul 20 2012: Also take note, I thumbs upped your original comment.

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