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Let's reward long term thinking.

I'm tired of disasters occurring because of short term gains. Surely we ingest pollutants for short term gains, we lose jobs for quarterly gains and not decade gains and growth.

How can we increase the incentives associated with long term goals, planning, and larger rewards. Although I understand some long term goals don't reward as well or as quickly, but what can we change about our thinking to choose the long term goals, to choose to benefit ourselves and others.


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  • Jul 18 2012: While I'm aware of some watch dog sites, most of these seem to be played off by one or both political parties as "biased" or "ignorant."

    Maybe as an economic model or whatever, we need to think about how to encourage honesty, transparency, and loyalty.

    Some might argue those might only be applicable to one side of the coin, but it should be multi-faceted. Given the rules, after following new ones, will probably be worked to be changed is probably a given. We can't have static laws as our society develops and changes. Unless we don't change our society that much.

    I may have to think about this some more before I pose another TED question. Thank you all.

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