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Let's reward long term thinking.

I'm tired of disasters occurring because of short term gains. Surely we ingest pollutants for short term gains, we lose jobs for quarterly gains and not decade gains and growth.

How can we increase the incentives associated with long term goals, planning, and larger rewards. Although I understand some long term goals don't reward as well or as quickly, but what can we change about our thinking to choose the long term goals, to choose to benefit ourselves and others.


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  • Jul 18 2012: I agree with a good portion of the comments below.

    @Bob, I agree whole heartedly with your desire for increased accountability and taking responsibility. I too have seen how people in power have failed to take responsibility for their actions or more or less abuse their privileges. I also agree with loyalty, honesty, and doing your duty.

    @Gail I also agree, it seems, most of our economic model in the U.S is geared towards "next quarter thinking." This is disruptive to the social systems within our country and even countries.

    @Dale Tribunocracy seems interesting. I've read the website and unfortunately, won't be able to think about it too long before this conversation is ended.

    So, we have a political system that allows us to impeach people we don't like in office. We just need to get enough people together. That goes for any office. If people are so fed up with things, why haven't they tried this yet?

    When it comes to voter turn out, it's been low, predominantly due to the thinking of "we're voting for the lesser of two evils."

    So it seems what we need in place, at least until we develop a tribunocracy, is a system that mobilizes and increases the political awareness and power of the citizens. It needs to go public. It needs to go viral. It needs to be unbiased.

    That may change the political scheme and help focus politicians on anything other then the "next election."

    As for this group, we need more corporate watch dogs. Why? To increase their transparency. They need to go public. They need to go viral. They need to report the good and the bad and help influence consumer reports and Wall Street stocks.

    A company that's reported to be poisoning citizens? Break their stocks. A company reported to be hiring more and giving them above living wages? Boost their stocks a bit or endorse their products.

    We forget that under leadership we have a tendency to take things for granted feeling our own initiatives drowned in the sea of all the quiet voices around us.

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