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Let's reward long term thinking.

I'm tired of disasters occurring because of short term gains. Surely we ingest pollutants for short term gains, we lose jobs for quarterly gains and not decade gains and growth.

How can we increase the incentives associated with long term goals, planning, and larger rewards. Although I understand some long term goals don't reward as well or as quickly, but what can we change about our thinking to choose the long term goals, to choose to benefit ourselves and others.


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    Jul 17 2012: To move past wishful thinking, basic human nature has never changed. The good must continually fight against the bad. The only long lasting systemic changes have been achieved by technology (for example agriculture and medicine) or better social / political / economic systems (such as the rune of law or democracy). Technology is rapidly improving, but with better social practices it is already adequate to make the world a much better place. What the world need now is better social systems that provide a better method of democratic self government. Our present democratic process is inadequate to deal with our present problems. It is overly influenced by money, power and very shallow analysis by uninformed masses of people. It is more like a trial by mob than a public jury trial. Tribunocray is to present democracy what a jury trial is to trial by mob. Tribunocracy is what the world most needs now, see: www.tribunocracy.org

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