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Is there 'Perfect'?

One of the themes that has been running the past year is creating 'Perfect'.

Creating Perfect....for me. What does that look like, how does it feel, when does it intersect with.......everything? What can you create in your life, to be in your optimal operating state to be at your best...most creative?

As if one is meditating and gently bringing oneself back to the meditation as the mind wanders and talks to are gently bringing yourself back to your 'Perfect Practice'.....that optimal operating state.

Would love to hear if you think it is completely bunk, if you live in the OOS and are creating that perfect place and what that looks like.

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    Jun 23 2012: On creating perfect. Look at your profile picture. Look to your right and now to your left. Perfect.

    All the best. Bob.
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    Jun 21 2012: Perfection is actualization at the full extent gradually. Perfection is not specifically focus on just one of possibilities. But perfection implements all possibilities gradually with no one left behind.

    Relatively, when someone has ability to use for both of eyes, in this case, someone is perfect in using eyes, because the two eyes can be activated to see images, but if we ask for how good for both of our eyes capturing images? The answer may lead to the fact that our eyes may not full functional as it should be compared to others.

    To make a better understanding that most of people misunderstood, about God is perfect. Perfect God means, God should be able to implement God's possibilities as realities, (whether we consider it as good or bad, but since those are part of God's abilities, it should be realized, because God is perfect).

    Perfect is not related to specific ability of all possibilities that could be realized, but precisely asserts that all possibilities that could be realized, must be able to be realized.
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    Jun 20 2012: Defining perfection is simple. It is the absence of any and all imperfection. From there one ought to ask "Are there imperfections which cannot be avoided or gotten rid of?" The answer for humans on Earth can be only, "Yes". Death demands surrender from all living things. Without a remedy for death attaining to perfection is hopeless. I'm sure you anticipated such an answer as mine Ms. Boardman-Miller. I like to think positively as much as anyone, but your question demands more than accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative in order to paint a rosy picture. Your question goes to the issue of Truth. Thank you!
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      Jun 20 2012: Yes, is about ones own truth.
      Digging a little deeper, what is the practice/truth that helps you...guides you through life to be the most creative, the most industrious...the best?

      For some it might simply be accepting that there will be bumps/mountains along the way and to navigate them as best as you can.

      I watched Prof Larry Smith speak on getting a great career...and his awesome list of excuses of why one would not have one.
      Most people are content with good...not perfect.
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        Jun 20 2012: I don't think we can dig deeper than Truth, not one's own subjective truth, but objective Truth. Your post does not ask us to choose between Pollyanna and Negative Nabob. It is not about attitude, or excuses. Perfection, if I may repeat myself, is the absence of all imperfection. If you visualize a condition you are willing to call perfect even though it is not free of all imperfection you are taking liberty with the established meaning of the word. Is there a perfect job/person/company/religion/etc.? My answer remains, "No! There is nothing perfect in the natural world. That is NOT an excuse to abandon the quest for the best possible condition(s), but to pursue perfection is folly. We must honor etymology. Thank you!
        • Jul 17 2012: Mr. Long, I admire your insistence on the proper use of terms and language.

          I am not a perfect person. I am a perfect Barry Palmer.
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    Jul 19 2012: Yes there is perfect. As in a perfect rose, a perfect mark, a perfect craft as in faithfully and identically reproduced. iN terms of humanity, I am not convinced that the term perfect is valid. How do we judge perfect of a species that is still rapidly growing?
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    Gail .

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    Jul 17 2012: I am perfectly imperfect. If I were perfect and complete, there would be no purpose or joy in living. Every moment, I am perfectly imperfect, and I treasure that awareness.
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    Jun 23 2012: I love that "truth", the hold of this life....this body has come into play. We bump up against those every moment, at every turn. Our limiting beliefs-our"truths" keep us from creating perfect.

    When I watch, read, listen to Elizabeth Gilbert talk about her journey, there were many limiting beliefs cast off so that she could get to that place to write and live.

    Reggie, watching and listening to him create is truly magical. When he is in that 'perfect'-that optimal operating state it flows from his brain/heart to his hands.
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    Jun 23 2012: @ Mark-
    1) Although possibly wrong, my assumption is that Sarah's question is meant for humans on Earth. My comment was not, therefore, directed at other lifeforms on Earth or on any other celestial body. I do not agree that that means I am "not talking about truth" as you say.
    2) I disagree with your assertion that "truth creates human points of view." I myself have mistakenly embraced many points of view which I eventually discovered to be not based on truth. There is no necessary connection between Truth and people's points of view.
    3) You are correct that there is no such thing as subjective Truth. There is however a widely accepted rhetorical tool where truth is characterized as either subjective (The speed limit is 55mph.), or objective (Speed limits should be observed.).
    4) You introduce a new question which I do not recognize, "how can they be said to be imperfections?"
    5) I categorically disagree with your assertion that "death is also perfect. Without it there can be no life." Eternal life is the very basis of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Death is the ultimate imperfection.
    So, what is your answer to Sarah's question? Thank you!
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        Jun 24 2012: You lost me at "reality can't be flawed". I'm moving on sir. Thanks for the glimpse into another undocumented world view.