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Is there 'Perfect'?

One of the themes that has been running the past year is creating 'Perfect'.

Creating Perfect....for me. What does that look like, how does it feel, when does it intersect with.......everything? What can you create in your life, to be in your optimal operating state to be at your best...most creative?

As if one is meditating and gently bringing oneself back to the meditation as the mind wanders and talks to itself.....you are gently bringing yourself back to your 'Perfect Practice'.....that optimal operating state.

Would love to hear if you think it is completely bunk, if you live in the OOS and are creating that perfect place and what that looks like.


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    Jun 21 2012: Perfection is actualization at the full extent gradually. Perfection is not specifically focus on just one of possibilities. But perfection implements all possibilities gradually with no one left behind.

    Relatively, when someone has ability to use for both of eyes, in this case, someone is perfect in using eyes, because the two eyes can be activated to see images, but if we ask for how good for both of our eyes capturing images? The answer may lead to the fact that our eyes may not full functional as it should be compared to others.

    To make a better understanding that most of people misunderstood, about God is perfect. Perfect God means, God should be able to implement God's possibilities as realities, (whether we consider it as good or bad, but since those are part of God's abilities, it should be realized, because God is perfect).

    Perfect is not related to specific ability of all possibilities that could be realized, but precisely asserts that all possibilities that could be realized, must be able to be realized.

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