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What have you accomplished in response to a TEDTalk?

Have you ever been inspired to do something specific after watching a TEDTalk? Examples:

• Took lessons at Khan Academy after watching Salman Khan's talk
• Bought and read one of his books after watching one of Alain de Botton's talks
• Volunteered in a classroom after watching Sir Ken Robinson
• Became a "weekday vegetarian" because of Graham Hill
• Tackled a new creative project after watching Liz Gilbert
• Changed how you work with quiet people because of Susan Cain's "The Power of Introverts"
• Donated to an organization that helps the oceans after watching David Gallo or Sylvia Earle
• Registered for a footrace because you watched "Are we Born to Run?"

Etc etc etc. Can you think of any specific actions you've taken that were directly related to watching a TEDTalk? Please share!


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  • Jun 19 2012: As a result of seeing a TED talk by an economics professor about "Why you will never achieve your dreams," I really woke up. I saw it about 4 months ago. I regret that I can't remember the gentleman's name or the talk title because I believe everyone, and I mean everyone, should see it.

    As a result, while keeping my day job, I'm opening up a microbrewery. I've dreamed of doing that for nearly 15 years. I'm moving in circles in the industry, making connections and getting direction for doing original scientific research in the field, as well, in preparation for applying to a masters or Ph.D program in anthropology studying mankind's relationship to fermentation.

    I've had a few things happen over the last 4 years, single events, which radically changed my life. Seeing this TED talk built upon all the things that I've been cultivating since my first wake up moment when I realized I had some form of massive depressive disorder that had to be treated if I ever wanted to do anything in life.

    Other TED talks have led me to act, but none so significantly as that one.

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