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What have you accomplished in response to a TEDTalk?

Have you ever been inspired to do something specific after watching a TEDTalk? Examples:

• Took lessons at Khan Academy after watching Salman Khan's talk
• Bought and read one of his books after watching one of Alain de Botton's talks
• Volunteered in a classroom after watching Sir Ken Robinson
• Became a "weekday vegetarian" because of Graham Hill
• Tackled a new creative project after watching Liz Gilbert
• Changed how you work with quiet people because of Susan Cain's "The Power of Introverts"
• Donated to an organization that helps the oceans after watching David Gallo or Sylvia Earle
• Registered for a footrace because you watched "Are we Born to Run?"

Etc etc etc. Can you think of any specific actions you've taken that were directly related to watching a TEDTalk? Please share!


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  • Jun 19 2012: Ive done a lot of things in response to a number of TED vids, TED has in essence become the part of my life that the rest of it gravitates around. I joined Kiva in response to Jessica Jackley's talk but unfortunately couldnt make enough to give a loan but found a local version of kiva here in India called Milaap and gave my first loan on my birthday. I purchased a clay nonstick frying pan after watching Anil Gupta's talk on the hotbeds of innovation. I am currently working on a prototype of a vertical axis wind turbine for domestic power generation after watching a whole bunch of talks and piecing stuff together. I started being more loud about things I considered right and started fighting for basic human rights for everyone after watching a whole lot of vids including Richard Dawkins'.
    I owe the way I live my life now and the development I hope to bring about in the near future to TED. My next wish is to actually attend a conference in person which I havent been able to do yet unfortunately, but hope to soon.

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