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How do you deal with criticism?

In any field, you will always encounter critics. You can't control the behaviours of others but you can control how you react to the comments. I would like to learn more about the strategies individuals use to cope with criticism in a positive way. I am looking for your insight. Thanks!


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    Jun 19 2012: If I'm criticised about something that isn't urgent I usually just say something like 'that's an interesting way of looking at it' in a neutral tone of voice.

    It's non-commital, can be taken as if I'm belitting their criticism, thinking about their criticism, or don't care about their criticism either way. This gives me the space to stay empowered and not be weakened by malicious criticism.

    It also gives me time later on to think about what they have said properly and work out if it had merit, or even if it was just an attack disguised as criticism.

    Thus I'm better prepared to react in an appropriate way next time that they offer a view.

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