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How do you deal with criticism?

In any field, you will always encounter critics. You can't control the behaviours of others but you can control how you react to the comments. I would like to learn more about the strategies individuals use to cope with criticism in a positive way. I am looking for your insight. Thanks!


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  • Jun 19 2012: Criticism is like a fire lit by someone and thrown at you. You can hold it and get scalded or douse it by water of humour or wear a thick armour so that it doesn't touch your skin and burn you.
    Criticism is difficult to manage by those who take things seriously and/or personally. Those who take everything in their stride i.e. have an abundance of confidence in self, do not usually get affected by it. They either make the criticism into a joke and laugh it off as they know the critical remark is not true for them or just walk their way without taking notice of it.
    Some others, take it as a feedback and think about it, is it true or just a retort from someone who is either jealous of you or just wants to put you down to make himself/herself feel better off / more important than yourself.
    I personally, use both these methods.
    If, on analysing I find the remark is correct, I accept my shortcoming and try to better myself else if it is the other way then just laugh it off. Sometimes, a humorous retort in return about the other person evens things out and tells the other person that they cannot get away with idle criticism or just accept it as a common human thing.
    Keeping quiet works for me with particularly nasty people, who, no matter what you say will get even more and more offensive, the more you talk to them. It's like adding fuel to fire. When you keep quiet, they do not get the fuel and ultimately burn up and get consumed by their own criticism.
    Well, that's just me. I am sure others will have a lot of other ways. Looking forward to their way of handling Criticism.

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