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Is feminism right or wrong?

Feminism is the act of a woman bettering the circumstances of other women both socially and economically.

However, why does the focal point of feminism revolve around the shortcomings of men?

Is feminism an example of sex discrimination? Does feminism represent the institutionalized use of anger and discontent to attack the morals of men as a whole by citing a few?

What are your thoughts, can anyone accept that feminism is rational if the merits of women are not themselves suitable?


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    Jun 22 2012: I believe in equality as far as is possible..but there will never be true equality between males and females. feminist attitude was good for the society in early centuries where womens were treated way worser than now. but in this century things are different, womens now holds honorable positions in the society as mens do. most of the feminists urge womens to be tougher, to learn to fight, to learn to "play the game" in the world like men. women's value will not be in trying to imitate men, or in becoming more like men. women are not the same as men. ..there are differences and those differences should be celebrated not criticized.

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