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Is feminism right or wrong?

Feminism is the act of a woman bettering the circumstances of other women both socially and economically.

However, why does the focal point of feminism revolve around the shortcomings of men?

Is feminism an example of sex discrimination? Does feminism represent the institutionalized use of anger and discontent to attack the morals of men as a whole by citing a few?

What are your thoughts, can anyone accept that feminism is rational if the merits of women are not themselves suitable?


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    Jun 19 2012: I think we should better call it humanism rather than feminism.
    • Jun 19 2012: Rafi Amin - we all have to clean this dirty floor. I can't clean it all by myself. So, I'm going to stick to my corner and call it feminism. I'm sure you've got something to clean yourself, and you can call *your* cleaning humanism if you want.

      Point is, if you are working for a specific cause, it helps to have a specific label, so people can identify with what you're working towards.
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        Jun 19 2012: You can not change this with this approach ?
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          Jun 20 2012: I see your point Rafi. We are all humans, and perhaps a reminder of that could help remove some of the typical gender roles, stereotyping, assumptions, and beliefs regarding gender differences?
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        Jun 20 2012: "have to clean this dirty floor."

        Was that pun intended? If I would be drinking milk, it would be all over my screen now.
        • Jun 20 2012: I guess I'm missing the play on words? Or are you talking about the irony of talking about doing a household chore in a conversation on feminism.
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        Jun 20 2012: Yes, that's what I was talking about. No offence though.
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        Jun 20 2012: That might be because a wife taking up a job is seen by some as a wife taking up a hobby because she's bored around the house. So if the wife has been at her hobby all day, and he's been working for the income she better does something in the house too. A masculinity thing where a bloke wants to be the main provider to feel manly I guess.

        Ofcourse if your partner has a fulltime job and you stay home, it's not wrong to do the chores. But though it worked for generations, I don't think it's the best solution. Goes for men and women.
        Bringing up the children should be done together in whatever scenario, since that's the best for the kids I think.

        Some people take chores too far though, I've lived with a landlord that cleaned his house every single day, bordering the obsessive. You'd think it's a showroom if you didn't know better. Many people could do with a little dust on the shelves if it gives them a lot of time on their hands.

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