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Does society deliberately and systemically under-educate a major proportion of its citizens in order to condition them for lower paid jobs?

Do the establishment really want a more educated general populace or are they in fact purposely ensuring an uneducated class in order to lower their expecations and obtain a 'flexible' workforce?

If so...

...what mechanisms do they use to do so?

....are they right to do so?


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    Jun 19 2012: It's in every nation's best interest to have an educated populace. Unskilled labor is gradually being taken over by automation and robotics. Even a machine that costs $25,000 is cheaper than a human worker that is paid a salary equivalent. Machines can work 24 hours a day, they don't take breaks, don't expect vacations or additional benefits, and they don't complain about labor conditions. Eventually the only reliable way to earn an income is to be an entrepreneur.
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      Jun 19 2012: But surely only a minority of people can/will be entrepreneurs (at least ones that make enough money to live to a decent standard).
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        Jun 20 2012: Then why is it that many first generation immigrants are able to establish small businesses not only in a new country but at times without ever knowing the local language?

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