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Google just released its transparency report and it lists the G20 nations and ranks them in number of requests. Since I live in the USA ( #2 in requests made) I will itemize those figures. 117 court ordered requests 40% approved or 3,857 items deleted. 70 executive requests 44% approved or 2,341 items deleted.

The question for the TED community is does the government have the right to request censorship of world wide electronic media. If so under what circumstances.

I am also interested in what occurs when a request is denied.

If you know more about this issue it would be interesting to have it shared. Articles do not always represent both sides of the issue.


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    Jun 19 2012: I'm interested in what the subject of the requests were and what subjects were approved.

    I could understand if something like childporn got a censorship request and approval, though just censorship from google doesn't solve that problem. But where do you draw the line?

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