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The biggest threat to mankind. What will end the world as we know ?

Does the world need to be saved ? Are we heading toward an inevitable extinction ? will that be a new generation bomb ? or will it be pollution ? will it be depletion of natural resources ? or will the machines be our killers as it is suggested in many sci-fi stories ?


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      Jun 25 2012: well said, thnak you
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      Jun 25 2012: Checking your profile dear Don, I now understand that the subject under discussion is much more serious than I initially thought when I created the conversation. we should be hearing more from you on this, as you seem more qualified than us experiencing and feeling evil and man-made disasters first hand.
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        • Jun 26 2012: If I may interject this thought:

          -in 1543 Nicolaus Copernicus published De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium (Heliocentrism).
          -in 1633 Galileo Galilei was required to recant Heliocentrism.

          In addition to being careful what you put in your head, also be careful of what you exclude.
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          Jun 26 2012: What a joy it is to have you here Don,

          Thank you for the clues, I can already see how useful they are and I understand your point that Devil uses misdirection strategy. I am pretty certain that the door must be slammed on sarcasm but I am not quite sure How. what comes to my mind is that the is no single tactic. in some cases ignoring and in some cases direct response may be effective.

          I do comprehend why you do not want to reveal in public and your concern for the noise of Ego's and I am sorry about that. I can not guarantee you will not face Evil if you reveal, but it is the only way others can benefit from your knowledge and experience.
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          Jun 26 2012: Two brilliant examples of breaking the silence and its price, thank you Robert.

          Your suggestion to also be careful on what we exclude reminded me of a quote that I am not sure who it is from.

          " In order to be Intelligent, you need to learn one thing each day
          In order to be wise you need to forget one"
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          Jun 26 2012: “Be very, very careful what you put into that
          head, because you will never, ever get it out.” - Thomas Cardinal Wolsey, 1471 - 1530

          I do understand the point of this quote and it puts extra emphasis on being selective on what we choose to build our framework to see the world from.

          but this quote has two parts if we dissect it scientifically.

          1- Logical learning that can always be criticized, changed and replaced
          2- emotional learnings that once learned can never be unlearned. and that is because of the structure of a part in brain called Amygdala which is responsible for emotional learning and decision making.

          I think we should be extra careful on what we learn emotionally and choose the environment so that we will not get wrong and intense emotional feelings regarding subjects that do not require such response.

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