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The biggest threat to mankind. What will end the world as we know ?

Does the world need to be saved ? Are we heading toward an inevitable extinction ? will that be a new generation bomb ? or will it be pollution ? will it be depletion of natural resources ? or will the machines be our killers as it is suggested in many sci-fi stories ?


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    Jun 25 2012: The biggest threat to mankind is that we fail to wake in time to realize we have to take a radical departure from consumerism and step even beyond mere sustainability to tthiveability..to conviviocracy. We need to step toward stewardship for present people, present earth,e; stewardship for future people, future earth.
    • Jun 25 2012: Thank you for adding a wonderful word to my lexicon! Conviviocracy! I always loved Ivan Illich's term "Tools for Conviviality".
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        Jun 26 2012: Hi Mike, glad you readily recognized the meaning of "coviviocracy" I made it up in the context of a search for a fuller vocabulary to envision a more inclusive and thriveable global and local community. It was inspired by a young activist named Erin in Mexico and by fellow tedster and favorite collaborator here Jaime Lubin, also Mexican.

        As Sina discovered wandering though our exploration of a new and more powerful vocabulary for envisioning new geo political possibilities we covered lots of interesting ground closely related to the heart of this conversation:

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      Jun 26 2012: Lindsay,

      English is my fourth language and I had to look up the word "Conviviocracy" in the dictionary and then google it to make sure I really understand the concept and that's how I came up with your own conversation http://www.ted.com/conversations/6953/occupy_a_new_vocabulary_learni.html

      I enjoyed surfing the comments and I was blown away to see the word "UBUNTU" there.
      I love this word and the great philosophy of Ubuntu.and I think It can also be an excellent addition to this conversation.

      I have used it in my video a few years ago:
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        Jun 26 2012: Sina,

        You are a marvel.

        Yes inspired by fellow Tedster and favorite collaborator Jaime Lubin & a young Mexican activist named Erin from Occupy Cafe I made up that word to express a vision of something bigger than democracy and more humanely centered than capitalism and continual growth.,

        I tried to add it to wictionary but a word has to be in use before it can be added.

        I many ways UBUNTU is the same thing as what I meant in inventing the word "conviviocracy".

        Words inadvertently get worn out and come to limit our thinking and speaking when we are looking to fresh new ways of living together and governing ourselves.. Buckminster Fuller understood this. He actually went into silence for two years before he started his famous work ..in part he was trying to understand how one poor marginalized creature's life could "belong to humanity" and serve humanity and in part he was looking for a new vocabulary to express the radically importantly different ideas he was bringing to the world through his designs. ( He was challenged by a voice just as he was about to commit suicide that said to him "What do you think you are doing? Your life doesn't belong to you. It is not yours to take. It belongs to all of humanity")

        Thanks for sharing your You Tube video and its empowering message.

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