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The biggest threat to mankind. What will end the world as we know ?

Does the world need to be saved ? Are we heading toward an inevitable extinction ? will that be a new generation bomb ? or will it be pollution ? will it be depletion of natural resources ? or will the machines be our killers as it is suggested in many sci-fi stories ?


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  • Jun 23 2012: Hi Sina,

    An interesting conversation. For those of us old enough to remember the Cuban missile crisis, the answer is still nuclear war. No new super-bombs are necessary.

    But for some other ideas, not counting the variations of "human nature is our worst enemy", how about:

    Asteroid impact
    Volcanic super eruption
    Black plague style global pandemic

    Best wishes,
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      Jun 25 2012: thank you for replying Doug,

      I am not old enough to remember Cuban Missile Crisis but the image I have in my mind is the one from the Terminator movie, where atomic bomb destroys the city and all the buildings and children playing the park ...

      these are the direct causes but indirectly it is the kind of thinking that will lead us all to the point of self termination.

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