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The biggest threat to mankind. What will end the world as we know ?

Does the world need to be saved ? Are we heading toward an inevitable extinction ? will that be a new generation bomb ? or will it be pollution ? will it be depletion of natural resources ? or will the machines be our killers as it is suggested in many sci-fi stories ?


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    Jun 21 2012: we will survive only if we finds a way to keep the balance that we ourselves break. but, i think machines and nuclear weapons are not sufficient for that, even if those things are capable of a carnage, we can recover from all that. the only thing that can wipe us all out of this planet will be the Mother Nature itself.
    we are definitely not heading towards an extinction, we will find a way to cope with all existing threats, like pollution and depletion of natural resources, soon. modern humans was here only for about 200,000 years, ain't that a too short time period for a species like us to be extinct from this planet?

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