Kat Haber

Organizer / Curator, WILD Foundation


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What is at the heart of what matters to you and how has technology affected you in that pursuit?

Intense purpose in life may be a thread to happiness. What is that one thing which brings light to your eyes, gathers around you the relationships which color your days, and sets your face smiling when your plan comes together? Then examine in which ways technology is now affecting your capacity to be passionate. And for bonus points, add on how and what kind of technology could make you even happier pursuing that passion.

For example: My heart burns for the wild places, peoples, plants and animals on Earth. GIS mapping, google EARTH, radio monitoring, underwater robotics, and social networking to advise for actions to politicians, informing citizens, and celebrating victories all combine to make conservation more visible and the voices calling for corporate responsibility in development, heard. The solo witness to a multi-national polluting the Amazon deep in the jungle is now becoming the Kayapo protecting their lands with google earth or a multi[national $8 billion judgement.

The next evolution in tech that could assist is to design a system to link a collaborative conversation between those affected by development and the developers early on in the process to avoid billion dollar clean ups. Input for translation, technical terms explained, native local knowledge valued, link to existing nature mapped. It would need to be simple and strategic for the non-tech tribes and the nature uninformed resource extractors languages to connect. Than a visual continuously updates infographic would be generated showing transparently to the world through social networks progress in balancing competing needs.

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    Feb 16 2011: Ideas > Dreams > Share > Grow

    Internet and our almost free global communication will enable people to connect and share ideas and dreams with countless other all around our planet.

    When passionate people come together, ideas and dreams can turn to amazing reality !

    (Just look at us now on this TED Conversation platform. We cannot imagine what what we are able to achieve together)