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In order of importance how would you rank: Happiness, money, love, health, fame?

Rank them in order of importance!

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    Jun 25 2012: 1) Health - you have to be alive for the others to matter, and healthy to have the broadest experiences
    2) Money = freedom to do stuff
    3) Love - maybe number 2

    I'd be pretty happy with these 3.

    No interest in fame
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    Jun 25 2012: Since my brain bleeds, my order has probably changed but beloved Fonkou here is mine: health, happiness, love and i am not even sure fame makes my list.
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      Jun 25 2012: Get well soon Debra.
  • Jun 22 2012: Happiness, love, health, money and fame!
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    Jun 18 2012: Happiness is the only important thing to me , others don't matter
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    Jun 25 2012: Here is my order.

    Happiness, Health, Love, Fame,& etc.
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    Jun 19 2012: It is very hard to give importance Fonkou,
    Apart from fame, all other 4 things are essential for a wonderful life.
    Fame is optional if you can handle fan following .
    So my answer
    Rank 1 :Happiness, money, love, health (in equal proportions or equal abundance :) )
    Rank 2 : fame
    Hope it helps
  • Jun 19 2012: Love, happiness, health, money, fame. Thanks for asking.
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    Jun 19 2012: Happiness. The others are no use without it.
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    Jun 18 2012: It seems to me that happiness doesn’t fit into this category (next to money, love, health or fame and so on). I would rather define money, love, health or fame (and lots more) as ways of achieving happiness - which is major need. Happiness probably requires fulfilment of basic needs in personal order of importance.
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    Jun 18 2012: Health, Love, Happiness, Money...................., Fame.