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What is the best time/place/position to read ? do you read on a desk or in bed or on the bus in your way back home ?

There are serious readers reading 82 books in months according to a previous TED conversation. how do these people do that ?

Reading a book is a physically exhausting task, there are many bad side effects as a result of bad posture and conditions of reading like neck pain back pain headache etc.

I have personally tried reading on a desk but that is something I can only do for a few hours and then I switch to awkward positions on bed and floor ... how do you read ? what is your suggestion ? does reading on a digital reader help ?


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    Jun 18 2012: I read (and I had to read) a lot for school.. I also translate books, so I'm sick and tired of reading on a computer. Reading on a crowded bus helps me zone out and ignore the heat and the smells, though. But as you said, I usually end up in an awkward position on my floor/bed. I really like and recommend audio books, even though most people I know dislike them. The good side is the fact that the people who do the narration are usually amazing voice actors, plus you're hands are free. The bad side is that you don't have the actual book in your hands, can't feel it, smell it... :)
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      Jun 18 2012: Thank you for mentioning Audio books ... I love them too and I listen to them at nights before I go to sleep. I love some of the voices that I wish all the books were read by them. and the computer voice is far from acceptable now to read a book.

      smelling a book ,... YES ... that is probably the first thing I do when I get my hands on a new book/magazine. and feeling the texture of papers and the cover in your hand ... digital readers do not come close to that feeling.

      Thank you for your wonderful additions dear Brainslav.

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