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What is the best time/place/position to read ? do you read on a desk or in bed or on the bus in your way back home ?

There are serious readers reading 82 books in months according to a previous TED conversation. how do these people do that ?

Reading a book is a physically exhausting task, there are many bad side effects as a result of bad posture and conditions of reading like neck pain back pain headache etc.

I have personally tried reading on a desk but that is something I can only do for a few hours and then I switch to awkward positions on bed and floor ... how do you read ? what is your suggestion ? does reading on a digital reader help ?


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    Jun 18 2012: For me loneliness is the best situation to read. If I dont have a company next to me I can read anywhere desk bed bus doenst matter.
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      Jun 18 2012: Perhaps a book is the best company to keep specially when we are lonely.
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        Jun 19 2012: I could not agree more with you on this Sina , when one is lonely, book is his only saviour . So personally, I had 3 hours of commute by bus to my work place both to and fro journey . It was during this point of time I used to read a lot of books (hard copies) . I did not like reading e books as it was quite stressful.
        A place which has enough light and comfortable position to read which is a sitting position will suffice but reading should be limited to not more than 2 to 3 hours .
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          Jun 20 2012: great points Bharath,

          can you please mention why reading e-books are stressful ? I find reading them is sometimes more convenient than reading hard copie but you lose the beautiful smell of paper and ink.

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