Sam Rock

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To try different thing for some days may change our life and beliefs.. This may boost our confidence..

Suppose i hate news channel and if i watch it for next 30 days then i may like it and i may know about my abilities and capacity to do something.

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    Sue Hu

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    Jun 26 2012: To join the TED community is such a differdnt thing, and I'm really enjoy it. To try something new maybe someday will change ourlife a lot.
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      Jun 28 2012: Sam! What a wonderful idea! I have been forced to implement this due to my health issues and it is very interesting!
  • Jun 26 2012: Hi Sam,

    Thanks for posting this, I watched Matt Cutts talk and enjoyed it.

    Can't think of anything I want to try for thirty days. But I am sure my wife will have a suggestion.