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Nuclear energy is unsafe

Given the recent Japanese meltdown situation with their nuclear facilities I find it unbelievable that Bill Gates or anyone with any knowledge of industrial accident history and nuclear energy can with a clear conscience support this idea. This is Russian roulette with the most lethal substance, and the gun pointed at us all. Blue screen: Reboot Bill and try again.


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  • Jul 8 2011: Actually, nothing is safe. Cars are unsafe, drinking water is unsafe, planes are unsafe - in fact, sitting at home in your basement is not completely safe. The difficult question here is - are the benefits worth the risk?

    Risk is hard to think about. We perceive large rare accidents (Fukashima) as higher risk than small frequent accidents (coal mines), even though the small accidents may result in greater loss of life. I usually ask my anti-nuke friends if they use an electric toothbrush? an electric can opener? a Kindle? Ipod? have more than one computer? have more than one TV set? If they answer "yes", they are voting in the most effective way for more nuclear power plants - by using more and more electricity every year.

    If we insist on more electricity - and as a country, per capita usage has gone up for 20 years - then it isn't a question of "should we build more power plants", it's a question of "how can we make them safe enough." And to play in that game, you need to get some serious education on how power plants work and what the real risks are.

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