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Nuclear energy is unsafe

Given the recent Japanese meltdown situation with their nuclear facilities I find it unbelievable that Bill Gates or anyone with any knowledge of industrial accident history and nuclear energy can with a clear conscience support this idea. This is Russian roulette with the most lethal substance, and the gun pointed at us all. Blue screen: Reboot Bill and try again.


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  • Jun 24 2011: in my view the energy sources of our future have to fullfill 3 things


    How much I know is Nuclear Energy Carbon-neutral but the supply of radiactive Elements like Plutonium or Uranium on areEarth limited. After Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Tschernobyl and Fukushima we should realy think about if we realy want call the deadly power of Nuclear Energy ,,Sustainable"
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      Jun 24 2011: if you want to stretch the meaning of "renewable" to the maximum, no energy source is renewable. wind, hydro and solar are all dependent on the sun ultimately that will run out in a few billion years.

      okay, billion years, who cares, you might ask. but then i ask: who cares if we run out of fossil fuels in 500 years? it is much more reasonable to work out a solution for this problem 450 years from now, since technology will be much more advanced that time.

      i'm not aware of any nuclear accidents in nagasaki and hiroshima. as far as i'm concerned, intentional mass murders took place there. and it is a shame that you use that tragic episode of the human history to try to back up your otherwise poorly supported viewpoint.

      chernobyl was a result of mind boggling recklessness of soviet leaders.

      fukushima is a valid point, and shines a light on the serious problems of today's regulations in the field. however, even poor regulations, poor design decisions and one-in-a-century natural disaster could not cause a tragedy even close to, say, the bhopal accident.

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