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Nuclear energy is unsafe

Given the recent Japanese meltdown situation with their nuclear facilities I find it unbelievable that Bill Gates or anyone with any knowledge of industrial accident history and nuclear energy can with a clear conscience support this idea. This is Russian roulette with the most lethal substance, and the gun pointed at us all. Blue screen: Reboot Bill and try again.


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  • Mar 26 2011: "Nuclear energy is unsafe" -- false. No energy source has been as safe in the history of mankind. This is despite foolish design & management by corporate or government entities, as the Fukushima events expose. Those knowing the GE Mark-I reactor and TEPCO's faulty management over the years know that what happened was likely to happen. www.washingtonpost.com/world/japanese-nuclear-plants-evaluators-cast-aside-threat-of-tsunami/2011/03/22/AB7Rf2KB_story.html

    There are many more stories about TEPCO, including on previously-resigned corrupt management.

    And, despite Japan's worst quake & tsunami, this is what's happened so far...

    Making a rash statement as the topic here is irresponsible and indicates not concern for safety, but arrogant ignorance of facts, even willingness to mislead others. That's as inexcusable as TEPCO's actions/inactions over decades. It's as inexcusable as the mismanagement that caused the Chernobyl disaster.

    However, nuclear power is exceedingly important to the world's future, as food, energy and fresh water needs become ever more critical. Fortunately, Mother Nature has given us two excellent gifts: nuclear fission and abundant Thorium. President Kennedy requested a report in 1962, in order to plan our energy & resource future. That report explains exactly what we should have been doing since then -- we've done barely half... http://energyfromthorium.com/pdf/CivilianNuclearPower.pdf

    So, you'll notice our scientists & government were then concerned with important questions that needed addressing. Existing reactors (LWRs), were indeed encouraged. Yet, despite recommending the next step, breeders, those were given lip service, because of Cold War politics & budgets. The Chinese are now taking our work to fruition...

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