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Nuclear energy is unsafe

Given the recent Japanese meltdown situation with their nuclear facilities I find it unbelievable that Bill Gates or anyone with any knowledge of industrial accident history and nuclear energy can with a clear conscience support this idea. This is Russian roulette with the most lethal substance, and the gun pointed at us all. Blue screen: Reboot Bill and try again.


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    Mar 15 2011: the strongest earthquake in recent history strikes a nuclear plant. then it gets hit by a massive tsunami. there is no electricity due to the same reason. and all of the 4 reactor cores are still intact. minimal amount of radiation escaped. they actually work on how to save the plant or at least salvage materials and fuel, not to save people. people's life are not at serious risk.

    this is the showcase how safe these reactors are. i mean, what is needed to actually breach a core? meteor impact?

    EDIT: correction, the cores are damaged. i meant the containment vessel.
    • Mar 15 2011: I agree on this one.

      There is still no sign of a full meltdown of one of the cores. So it is reasonably to believe that the way these reactors are build is strong enough to survive a tsunami and an earthquake.
      But, if a core collapses in one of the following days then there is a reason to take a good look at the position of these reactors. For instance in Holland we don’t know any earthquakes and tsunamis, so you can say that a reactor here is safe enough.
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        Mar 15 2011: meltdown is probable, either happened partially already or most likely will. but the corium didn't escape the containment so far, and even if it will, they can handle it safely.

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