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Help me understand how we can have a universally owned corporation, where everyone receives dividends, and everyone can manage.

Corporations are with us. They are the great movers in politics, in wealth-creation, environmental issues, product delivery, research... in almost everything larger than a neighborhood.

Corp'ns are often villainized and rightly so. The main objection is that they have a pure greed motivation writ in law, and that they create wealth for the wealthy.

How could we create a corporation (or many) that grants non-transferable shares to every person on the planet, distributing dividends and voting rights equally?

I think an institution of that nature might be very positive, and move us in the right direction, because we do need to work together on a large scale, but we should all share the decisions and the benefits. When someone buys an SUV today, most of the world receives no compensation for the harm it causes them and their children/parents, and has little input into the decision process to make or price the product.

1. What is your general response to this concept?
2. How could it be governed? I think we need to use something other than a representative democracy, but I don't know enough about decision making in groups (some TED lectures relate to this, but not specifically).

(Please don't focus too much on the legal issues.)


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    Jun 22 2012: I really think its possible!
    Organizing the specific structure will be challenging. Sometimes the hardest part of any endeavor is taking the first step.
    We are here at the threshold of a new and exciting paradigm. Contribution based reward, and the encouragement of collaboration could really help bring people and ideas together. Im in!

    Envision a system of material organization that would operate as a publicly owned and governed library of conceptual ideas. Wherein peoples contributory adaptations and intellectual properties would be protected and shared in such a manner that security is in disclosure, and participation.
    • Jul 17 2012: Thank you, John.

      I agree. We are at the threshold. "The times, they are a changing..." I am excited to be here to see the economic system already changing in many ways. So much talk is of collaboration and sharing, and it has already established a foothold. What comes now?

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