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The real reason why success is so desirable and why it is so much effort.

Success is everywhere, in book stores, on the media, people talk about it, people do things for it but I question why do people constantly want more of it even when they have it. Well success is not like buying a new product or not when you reach a destination, because there is no end.

Success is like a moment when you are in the air after you have jumped. We all know, you cannot be in the air forever as gravity will pull you down. So success is a moment and I believe its so desirable because we cannot control to be in the air forever. Humans like control because every time we discover something, people want to own it or and can never just let it be. We have this constant of needing to do something with it and if you observe, people are trying to find ways to control nature, which is kinda why we keep trying to achieve success because like nature, its impossible or is hard to control.

Now why is it so much work. Well to be in the air longer, we need to grow stronger to jump higher and that takes time because we have to practice same thing over again. Now, ask yourself how long can you keep doing the same thing? We need change, we get bored if its the same. Doing the same thing makes us feel deprived of our lives. So that question, how far can you go is something to figure out on our own through our passions, and that takes...a lifetime

Though what keeps all of us going is when we reach that small goal, that height level we have sebecause when we do, we feel amazing but once we reach it again we dont feel that feeling and instead its moved to the next level and that duration of that feeling is again, something we cannot control. People say its because of wanting happiness but then again the duration of happiness cant be controlled.

So my idea is that we should understand success as a moment and should not feel near to death when we drop a ranking, when someone better beats us or we have failed because success is a moment and we cannot always feel it forever


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    Jul 8 2012: Thanks for the question, Dania. I agree with you that success is fleeting and I think that people chase after it with such fervor because they do believe that it will make them Happy but find that they are not and set another goal in hopes that achieving this new goal with make them Happy. The punchline is that it does not work - due to a phenomenon called hedonic adaptation - which is just a very educated way of saying "we get used to it". Even the effect of the greatest achievements wears off. A Happiness boost can be enjoyed by reaching our goals but the trick is to not hang our hope of Happiness on the success but to enjoy the journey along the way as much as we enjoy the achievement itself.

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