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if you can lose your home, or job for being gay, can you lose them for being straight as well?

fair is fair right?

for clarification if there are no laws saying that you cannot be fired or evicted for being homosexual, or for being bisexual, then there are also no laws saying that someone cannot be fired for being heterosexual, right?

Topics: equality laws

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    Jun 17 2012: There are laws in Australia that aim to prevent this type of discrimination in the workplace etc.

    However, there is still some discrimination in law though - marriage etc.

    And also in general some people do not accept or are even anti gay.

    Come a long way in my life but still a way to go.
    • Jun 17 2012: I have to admit that I was only thinking about the States that were mentioned in LZ Granderson's talk, and not really thinking of other countries, but I am glad to know that there are countries that prevent this kind of discrimination in the workplace.

      even if, as you have said there is still a way to go.

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