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What is love? What is friendship? What is infatuation? What is the connection/difference between these three?

Is love simply an infatuation, a biological desire to reproduce? Is it controlled by our biological hormones or is it much more complex? Why is human love different from animal love? Is love what Hollywood portrays? Is love friendship? How are the two different?


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  • Jun 17 2012: Love s all that u choose a person completely as yours n dedicating u to him/her... its not the concept of slavery r rule... but the sweet feeling of both... my friends describe love as a soul controlling two humans.. its deserves the at most dedication and even death... friendship is of different concept from love.. its a soul that decides to join hands with other at any situation.. both enclose emotions and feelings that make them live for each other... thats what i think about love and friendship.. apart from the biological context...

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