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What is luck?

Predeterminalism, existent in advanced level physical theories, present in religion, logical by reasoning on so many levels, what then is luck?

Chance, randomness, other words that describe this what the hell is it?

It always implies good, or at least better than the alternative.

If luck exists, and some are luckier than others, than why, based on sheer numbers, haven't we been lucky enough to figure out everything?

Just curious.

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    Jul 15 2012: I am convinced that luck is a supersticious concept - even so , I am ridculously happy whem I have it.
  • Jun 18 2012: Bo Im not so sure how lucky we would be if we figured it all out. All of life's mysteries solved? Seems rather boring. Imagine a character in a video game realized that he was in a world that has been already explored and understood. I could imagine the feeling of claustrophobia would be rather common in this situation. This makes me think of agent Smith in The Matrix desperately wanting out of the synthetic world.

    The term luck is heavily influenced by mood and the state of your current life. If you have brought yourself to meet your goals then I doubt you would claim it was luck that brought you there. If at the apex of your life, your existence is miserable and meaningless then luck almost definitely exists.

    In my opinion chance exists and also doesn't exist. It exists in the sense that so far there isn't an algorithm that explains the happenings and connections in all of life that has been proven. However luck doesn't exist as it is only relative to how you perceive it. The term gratitude comes to mind when considering this.
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    Jun 18 2012: I do not believe that luck exists. It simply describes an unexplainable happening that people cannot put a reason to. They use this to... blame what has happened to them or others. If something bad happens, they blame it on luck and if people see others have something good happening to them, they blame it on luck. It's simply because they cannot explain why. But everything happens for a reason.
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    Jun 17 2012: Luck does exist, I believe we (mostly) make our own.....but one simple saying by which I try to live (and which presupposes luck is somewhat within our control) is:

    ' the harder you work, the luckier you get!'
  • Jun 17 2012: Hi Bo.

    The best definition of luck I have ever read is that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

    There are some serious scientists investigating luck, but the above definition is a good guide for your actions.
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    Jun 16 2012: Luck doesn't exist in the real world it isn't a physical force of some kind. It is merely a term we give to someone who has had an improbable event happen in their favour.
    • Jun 16 2012: Yes. It is a concept or event which mankind cannot explain. We invented the word over time. A hunter of many millenia past may have felt lucky if killing three rabbits for food. What word was used when he came home with nothing? !!!

      Same explanation is for nature, natural; used when man cannot explain.

      What do others say?