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What will university education look like in 20 years?

What will higher education look like in 20 years?

As I walk around with all the books to my curriculum on my iPad, it occurs to me that higher education now looks very different than it did 10 years ago. I remember making ALL my powerpoint slides and now many come along with text books. All my reference books are on my phone. I can access my calendar anywhere and there is not a single eraser mark on it.

Some subtle movements in society are changing the outcomes of higher education and how we teach. Some potential changes I see are:

1. The movement of didactic classes to online with campus learning based on highly psychomotor learning (labs, studios, physical education etc).

2. A federal government that is focusing on transferable skills as opposed to classical education.

4. Mandates that students move through the curriculum instead of a focus on retention. Recent decreases in hours funded.

5. The increased cost of higher education far outpacing workforce pay.

What will higher education look like? What role will technology play in the next couple of decades? Will we skype class? Can I really take a course in Norway and apply it to my transcript?

As we move global, how are your counties dealing with the changes?



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    Jun 18 2012: Coursera, MITX, and Udacity (http://www.class-central.com/) could be the start of an educational renaissance. Right now the free online courses aren't likely going to get someone a job, but it is a great way of education a massive amount of people very cheaply. You can take them to brush up on things or learn a new skill. I also see free online courses as a gateway back into the educational system. For people who have never been to college or are on the fence of going back to graduate school, these online courses could be the spark they needed.
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      Jun 19 2012: This is really great. I think it might also help ESL students. If they can hear it once and then take a class for credit it might help them out. I also really like iTunes University

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