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Should high school principals and other school district leadership be trained by corporate executives in leadership & strategic planning?

Please respond from the prospective of corporate governance in short term and long term strategic planning


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  • Jun 16 2012: I think it's a good idea. However speaking from experience, the world of education and business are two different worlds and much is to be learned on both sides. Corporate Execs can learn from Educators and visa versa.

    The models used in business definitely have application in education, but you don't just waltz in and prescribe corporate remedies without immersing yourself in the context of the high school environment. Students, faculty and staff aren't exactly the same as a client or a for profit cost center.

    With open minds though, much can be borrowed from one another. Getting outside the bubbles we all tend to live in....bubbles of a specific industry or field, opens up a wealth of information and is often the inspiration for creative approaches to age old problems.

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