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How many "bad" teachers does it take to negate a good teacher.

When I was in High school I had an English teacher who, during my junior year, convinced 7 of her students to drop out. She explained to them that since they were not going to college "they were wasting their time, and hers".

So how many of these teachers does it take to completely ruin a teachers credibility in the eyes of a student?

The good teachers gave me hope but the bad teachers made me hate the time I spent with them. What can we do to make sure children and teenagers are enthusiastic in the classroom?


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    Jun 18 2012: After reading through everyone's thoughts I see that the majority agrees with the idea that A) it only takes one bad teacher to ruin an educational experience B) These teachers should be fired or relocated.

    What is the initial filter for prospective teachers? Could bad teachers be prevented from entering the position in the first place?
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      Jun 18 2012: It makes sense to implement a teacher satisfaction survey for students in High School, akin to those given in universities. Of course, there is the counter-argument that students will give bad marks to teachers who are "strict" and are in fact the best teachers, but the benefits of having 'teacher-student relationship' consciousness could outway the costs.

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