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Schools need to update their text books for higher, up to date, education.

Schools tend to keep a set of textbooks for up to a decade. That just doesn't seem right. Especially in science, chemistry or social studies classes. Plus, if something happens to the book while your in possession of it during the school year, the school, at least in my case, charges you full price for the book when it was already in poor condition from previous use.


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Basically, The educational system needs to change for better education around the world.

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  • Jun 15 2012: I think textbooks are an outdated concept. With the vast amount of knowledge available from anywhere at any time (smartphones, tablets, the internet), teaching should be more than pushing facts into students heads. Right now, discussion and forming opinions is way more important than if you memorized what the second mineral layer of the earth is.

    Education should change from 'memorizing' knowledge of other to learning how to work with theories, how to interpret facts (a often neglected skill), and how you form your own opinion and knowledge. Research should become more important. Independence and discussion! Why would you spend your valuable time memorizing something you have access to at any time right now?

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