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How can we use in a better way?

i want to use TED for learning and enjoyment. I think this is a best platform to share our minds and hearts but sometimes i come here and do nothing... please tell me how to start using this effectively...??

  • Jun 21 2012: Watch TED talks and write down your comment.
    Join TED conversations and try few things that you've learned from TED talks.

    I don't know what would be the most effective way to use site, but the simplest way can be the best way to utilize something!

    Ted is in itself extremely useful, betcha!
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      Jun 22 2012: Hey!! thanks,,,,,
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    Jun 21 2012: Thanks Sam!
    My suggestion:Plug the wisdom into your daily life. It will change your world.
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      Jun 22 2012: If you don't mind then please explain it a little bit more,.......
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      Jun 22 2012: I got it.... thanks....
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    Jun 19 2012: I want to use Ted Talks as part of my lessons. I am hoping that these talks will encourage my students to participate in constructive discussions, inspire them to fulfill their dreams, broaden their horizons and expose them to a whole lot of exciting developments not included in their regular textbooks. May the enthusiasm of the speakers rub onto the students and may they initiate new ideas that will help humanity develop 'radical openness '.
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      Jun 19 2012: Its a great platform for inspiration, to get new ideas etc....
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    Jun 18 2012: Hi

    Downlaod the app if you have a smart phone and then when you have wifi download a buch of talks some that immediately appeal and some that don't so much. I watch them on my commute and am usually just as captivated by the ones I wasn't expecting to be as interested in...I think I have about 40 odd talks ready to watch at any one time...

    I also have a few short ones on there specifically to convert my friends who haven't yet discovered TED!

    Have fun - that's what learning and expanding your mind is all about!

    • Jun 18 2012: Hey guys!
      i definitely agree with Natascha. It is a really good method.

      Also I would like to add that we have a great opportunity to lean a new language.
      I think that is a great opportunity because you do not have to look for videos with transcripts since they are ready here.
      Good luck!
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        Jun 18 2012: how can i learn a new language???
        • Jun 18 2012: Hi Sam!
          Here is idea. Most of the TED talks have transcripts and many of the are translated into World's main languages such as Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Indian and many others. So when I watch TED talks I usually copy its transcripts in multiple languages and rea/follow them.
          I believe there are many ways that we can use TED in a better way, and I think this is one of them.
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      Jun 18 2012: thanks... thats a great Idea....
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    Jun 18 2012: Hi Sam,
    TED is an amazing platform , you have TED talks which can literally change your day and interesting conversation which has helped me a lot . Since it is a global platform , its so easy to interact with people from different continents , cultures and points of view.

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      Jun 18 2012: Thank you so much.... i am also finding it very interesting...
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    Jun 15 2012: My recommendation to you is that you look at the themes of TED talks, pick a theme, and start listening to the talks on that theme. If you start with the ones on that theme that have the most views, you will hear some of the best.

    For example, if environmental issues are important to you, listen to those. If economics interests you, listen to those.

    If an idea from the talk particularly grabs you, or if you have a question, or if you want help turning an idea from the talk into action in your own community or life, pose a question here about it.
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      Jun 17 2012: Thanks a lot... i am finding it really interesting...
  • Jun 28 2012: By starting some new projects / events. For that first of all you need to inform your friends about TED and bring them here.

    And there are many videos worth watching! They are inspirational and knowledgeable. It is good to watch them and get aware of the situations around the world.
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    Jun 25 2012: I still hope to see a TED playhouse one day. We need a place to view first hand acounts of what is happening around the world. We could crwod source evaluation and recommendations and TED's credibilty would empower filmakers everywhere and enable a productive outlet.
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    Jun 20 2012: I think that maybe could have a fundraiser of sorts were people can donate five dollars each so that attendance of conferences could be cheaper. Just think if everyone on sent in five dollars.
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    Jun 18 2012: You could specify what do you mean by TED here. As TED may refer to couple of different things. Are you talking about the TED Conference? TED Talks? The TEDx Program? TED Prize? TEDED Program? Other TED Initiatives?...
    Making the best use of each of them may become separate conversations!
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      Jun 19 2012: I mean but all these are the tabs of the I want to know if i have started then how to start it and from where. Directly post conversation doesn't work much. i hope you understand what i mean...
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        Jun 19 2012: is simply a representation of all other activities of TED in one place. helps to connect the dots. I found it a bit confusing when you wrote "How can we use TED in a better way?" as TED is not a single thing.

        The title could be something like "How can we make the best use of", that would be easier to understand.
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          Jun 19 2012: I was not aware of this. Thanks for the correction...
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    Jun 18 2012: I reallly agree with Natascha ,and that's actually what I use TED.I can learn from video when I'm free,