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How can we use TED.com in a better way?

i want to use TED for learning and enjoyment. I think this is a best platform to share our minds and hearts but sometimes i come here and do nothing... please tell me how to start using this effectively...??


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    Jun 18 2012: You could specify what do you mean by TED here. As TED may refer to couple of different things. Are you talking about the TED Conference? TED.com? TED Talks? The TEDx Program? TED Prize? TEDED Program? Other TED Initiatives?...
    Making the best use of each of them may become separate conversations!
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      Jun 19 2012: I mean ted.com.... but all these are the tabs of the ted.com. I want to know if i have started ted.com then how to start it and from where. Directly post conversation doesn't work much. i hope you understand what i mean...
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        Jun 19 2012: TED.com is simply a representation of all other activities of TED in one place. TED.com helps to connect the dots. I found it a bit confusing when you wrote "How can we use TED in a better way?" as TED is not a single thing.

        The title could be something like "How can we make the best use of TED.com", that would be easier to understand.
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          Jun 19 2012: I was not aware of this. Thanks for the correction...

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