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Our parents took care of us when we were kids. Why the grown-up kids don't take care of the parents?[not everyone;especially after marriage]

1. Tips to the kids
2. Tips to the parents
3. Handling tough situations
4. Do we really need to draw a line?


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  • Jun 15 2012: NOT all children grow up and discard their parents...

    Depending on the background one comes from... it is considered an honour in my family specifically to care for the elders whether they need the help or not, it is a sign of gratitude for having been cared for by them.

    Caring financially is one of the biggest way after taking them into your home when they cannot care for themselves anymore...

    Tip to the kids - remember the love you received
    Tip to the parents - Your children do not owe you anything, they care for you because they care
    Handling tough situations - you can be tough without being hurtful, lay the law, be generous
    Drawing the line - DEFINITELY... this is your home, your rules, by your design... NEVER let your parents take over your home UNLESS you want to be the child all over again!
    • Jun 15 2012: I concur. Kind, sensitive, caring, loving children (or others) dedicating themselves to care of elderly is a sign of an advancing society. This is an idea worth spreading.

      Those children and others who are so selfish and insensitive such as to abandon parents exhibit immaturity of soul and character. Love is experienced and it is better when given. Why abandon the older generation? It is better to give than to receive and the older folks who cannot function as in earlier years deserve honor and respect. Help them retain their self respect by giving them your time.

      Balanced good rules are right, as you say.

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