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About Theism-Atheism: why is it assumed that these two "Poles" cover the whole question? What about the alternatives.?

The Theism-Atheism gamut has so completely captured Western Thought for the last couple of thousand years, that any altenatives has been rather overlooked, although some neglected sects and heresies have developed over the years. It appears that Science has reached a point of making a contribution to this debate., especially in Biology.


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    Jun 18 2012: It is because of our old-school horizontal-integral approach. we are all alikes so we must be created in the sameway and by same creator. I believe people will overcome this prejudices and start to think vertically in near future. As each individual develops unique approaches to concepts than we will have the real enlighment of humankind. see? Even I approached horizontally myself...
    • Jun 18 2012: Erol,

      It's like Bob Dylan said once about politics....

      "There is no right wing and left wing .... there's only up wing and down wing.."

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