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What do you think is the biggest technological challenge the human race will face in the next 30 years?

I see a lot of things wrong with humanity and I just want another persons input.


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    Jun 28 2012: 30 years is not sufficient time for some lofty goals such as retrieving resources from space, colonizing other planets or breaking human’s brain codes. In my view, our most important task is the development of emerging technologies such as micro technology, robotics, artificial intelligence and biotechnology to reach more efficient and low-consuming devices. For example, having a car with more than 100 Hp and 200 Km/h speed in metropolitan cities with severe traffic congestion seems absurd. Developing smart cars and intelligent network navigation systems can reduce the energy consuming in this field dramatically. Examples of this abound everywhere around us. Promotion of austere lifestyle and reduction in goods production lead to massive unemployment and regression to hundred years ago lifestyle is very far-fetched. Hence, the best solution is utilization of recent developed technologies to manufacture environmentally friendly, low-consuming and high-tech products which encourage creativity, scientific research and economy, besides protection of natural resources and high living standards.
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      Jun 28 2012: Correct, one of the most challenging tasks will be to wean our societies off cars, inadequate cars. The addiction to cars will probably only be cured once the world has to go cold turkey because of the shortage of affordable fuels. The idea of making them more efficient needs to be extended to their use.
      There will be a time where people will have to make the choice between either a regular supply of electric power or individualised passenger transport. Electricity is what made humans modern, cars are merely stagecoaches on steroids and without the horses.

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