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Running an engine by using water.

Taking water and splitting it ionic by electrolysis and then pressurizing it to become highly compressed liquid hydrogen and oxygen thin entering the combustion chamber by injectors and adding next to the spark plugs a thermostats would help in the combustion process when reaching maximum compression the spark plugs and thermostats fire combining the hydrogen and oxygen together giving water vapor in the all aluminum alloy with STP the pistons will move after the explosion and the vapor will be transported to a condenser then it will transform into liquid water then taken to the tank.


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    Jun 18 2012: I think the biggest problem here is that both reactions aren't 100% efficient. Energy is lost as heat at the electrolysis stage and again when it is combusted to move the engine. Compressing the gas also requires energy, further reducing the energy conversion efficiency.

    This means there has to be an external energy source in the system, maybe solar energy or something. But even then the hydrogen would be used up faster then the water can be cracked.

    But I'm no expert though.

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