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Have Documentaries or Narrative Films had a bigger impact on you?

As a film student who is also concerned with leaving the world a better place, I constantly find myself asking: What is the best way to tell a story? My question to you is, "Have documentaries or narrative films had a greater impact on your life?" Share your stories. What films have moved you and what have they moved you to do?


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    Jun 25 2012: I watch mostly documentaries,overall they have had a bigger impact shaping my knowledge and lifestyle, for instance I went vegan after watching the documentary Earthlings, and I have now been high carb raw vegan for a year after watching a youtube video by Durianrider. Most popular narrative films are so predictable to me these days, and they have lost all value or intrigue because the plots and characters are almost the same, just with different circumstances. Though one exception to this is the striking Sigourney Weaver, she has played so many strong female roles that have inspired me, especially when I was younger she encouraged me to be myself - a girl with band-aids on her knees, valuing education, teamwork and adventure - instead of valuing shopping and trying to be a barbie.

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