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Have Documentaries or Narrative Films had a bigger impact on you?

As a film student who is also concerned with leaving the world a better place, I constantly find myself asking: What is the best way to tell a story? My question to you is, "Have documentaries or narrative films had a greater impact on your life?" Share your stories. What films have moved you and what have they moved you to do?


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    Jun 15 2012: Watching "Blue Planet" in the Smithsonian Imax theater. The closest I've ever been to heaven. Seeing the beauty of Earth from orbit still haunts me to this day. I have a taste of what astronauts go through on their spacewalks. The best documentaries capture images that give their own narrative.
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      Jun 15 2012: I agree, I would be curious to know who builds the narrative in a documentary.
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        Jun 16 2012: Even though the DP is given a lot of freedom in how to capture compelling pictures, the director still puts together the narrative. I wouldn't be surprised if between 100-1000x as much footage is captured (possibly more) vs what is actually used.

        Social/political/historical documentaries have a little more freedom in that if a particular shot is sub-par, you can drop in a still picture and play with it (pans, tilts, zooms, fades, cuts, etc.).

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