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people shouldnt kill people.

From the mouths of babes,when I was about 4, around 1970, I remember seeing for the first time images of the Vietnam war. My first thought was someone should tell these guys, people shouldnt kill people. I will never forget thinking that , at that moment. I believe that still to be true,someone should tell those guys people shouldnt kill people. As an adult, thinking back,I t believed if someone were to get hurt,then another person would do their best to help and protect the injured,and to intentially inflict harm was unimaginable. Just a thought Ive carried, peace!


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  • M D

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    Jun 14 2012: Killing is part of nature. Animals kill other animals but are we advanced enough so as not to call ourselves animals? When does one stop being part of a pack and start being part of a civilisation? Nature is a brutal entity. This question exends into the entire structure of life. Should nature exist?

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