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people shouldnt kill people.

From the mouths of babes,when I was about 4, around 1970, I remember seeing for the first time images of the Vietnam war. My first thought was someone should tell these guys, people shouldnt kill people. I will never forget thinking that , at that moment. I believe that still to be true,someone should tell those guys people shouldnt kill people. As an adult, thinking back,I t believed if someone were to get hurt,then another person would do their best to help and protect the injured,and to intentially inflict harm was unimaginable. Just a thought Ive carried, peace!

  • Jun 16 2012: Beautiful. People should not kill people. If only the other people agreed. We have so many other enemies (super small and inherent), not human that are far beyond our ability to combat them.

    people should not kill people. :)
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    Jun 14 2012: Killing is part of nature. Animals kill other animals but are we advanced enough so as not to call ourselves animals? When does one stop being part of a pack and start being part of a civilisation? Nature is a brutal entity. This question exends into the entire structure of life. Should nature exist?
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    Jun 14 2012: The tough part of this subject is when we realize we Americans frequently ask our young men to go fight for us against people who, in fact, do want to intentionally inflict harm on us. We can't ask these warriors to go kill people then condemn them for doing it. I agree it would be better if we all just got along, but, alas, that is not the nature of Man.
    • Jun 14 2012: That thought I had was when I was a four year old ,who was never desensitized. If it were not for creating/training a soldier to kill,I believe that naturally, a man alone, in a (natural) state of mind, who has not been either forced/ie drafted or lived their entire lives in conflict and have become robotic in killing, because thats what they have been taught to do, would not be killers IF SOMEONE TOLD THEM, PEOPLE SHOULDNT KILL PEOPLE. Tell who? Only they know. Insensitive warmongers. That y was in 1970. , now we have cartoons and video games to desensitize our children. How awful!
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        Jun 14 2012: So do you view defending liberty against foreign aggression as a bad thing? Do you advocate surrendering to our enemies? America's armed forces are not "insensitive warmongers." Most veterans wish it had not been necessary to go fight for your liberty, but they went. My point is please don't condemn American fighting men as if they were responsible for needless killing. In a perfect world people would not kill people, sadly, that has nothing to do with us.
        • Jun 15 2012: My intentions are not at all to condem our servicemen, my father was a ww11 vet. He would be 96 if he were alive today. I am trying not to stray from my statement which came from a 4 year old who wanted to help our wounded I saw, and immediately learned the term enemie,the guys shooting at our guys. A few years later I was playing with plastic army men,green and beige. Vietnam was one thing, Hitler deserved all the firepower he could get,but its what we learn as children is what grows into either peace or violence.I dont believe germans would agree with hitler if they were not subjected to violence or miliitary involvement as children. I believe the rulers of countrys worldwide must focus on diplomatic solutions to achieve peace.
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          Jun 28 2012: What I know for certain is that when these young warrirors are dying they do not cry for their general or their sergeant or their buddy but for their Mom and somehow politicians and apologists for this carnage have accomplished something that i thought was impossible- they caused the Moms to break faith with their boys (and now they take our daughters too). Where is that Mom when their boys are trying to hold in their guts after the grenade belows out their abdomen or when that godless bomb blows off their jaw or that IED allows them to bleed to death when their legs land across that street that never invited them? She is off doing whatever stupid thing that politician allotted to keep her first class mind and body busy with as a destraction - something stupid and meaningless so that she will not notice the suffering and the torture that her beautiful children endure. She breaks faith with her sons because she is forbidden to know what they are enduring - and he dies alone - when she would have used spit to put those legs - those beautiful legs she diapered back on - and she would have found a way to make it work.

          I prayed every time I was pregnant that mine would never see a war. I was blessed to have that prayer answered but I am KEENLY aware of those who did not. Their loss is my loss and guess what? Someday we will all realize what beauty, power and dignity has been lost.
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        Jun 15 2012: Understood Ms. Quade. I agree that inculcating the idea of pursuing peaceful solutions to all conflicts, from the school yard to world wars, would very likely reduce the number of violent incidents. Teaching our young ones that non-violence is the best solution will be easy compared to changing the behavior of world leaders. There is immense profit in war. But I'm with you. People shouldn't kill people. That's what makes it tough for combat veterans. Thank you for accommodating my thick skull.
    • Jun 15 2012: Edward: As a war vet, and later on , a History major, I have come to the conclusion that the last hundred years or so of devastating wars were based on mostly nonsense, since opposing parties were usually using the same arguments about "defending themselves", etc.. They couldn't possiblly all be right. There is constant talk about "aggression", "defending " , etc etc.. but when you look carefully at these situaitons, especially reading the memoirs many years later, you find out that the people in charge of it all were usually deluded, mistaken, taking the "worst case scenario" in lieu of reality, etc. About the only true thing any of them ever said was "We had no Alternative". (!) They are certainly right about that, at least. Which leads to the fact that, this kind of organized violence is not at all due to" Human Nature", or "Evil", but merely the fact that we have only partially evolved out of barbarism. Meaning that this problem has ALREADY been solved on lower levels, i.e. smaller social groups. For example, nowhere in the world is it considered normal that the Mayor of a city would be authorized to have his municipal "Enemies" assassinated by his Police Force. But on the level of "Nations" ( a third of which are "Failed States") , having a President assassinate "Enemies" is not only not considered legal , it is actually celebrated (by some). A world of "Nations" is inherently unstable, and we can look forward to a time when murder is illegal, period ,without any petty "spin" about it. Whether this comes about by drifting into endless wars until one nation "wins", or whether we can pull ourselves together and make such a World Law ruling by voluntary action, as was done in our own country years ago, we cannot certainly predict. But as some wag once said: there will be eventually "World Peace", with or without People.
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        Jun 15 2012: The relentless attempts of Communism to enslave free people was "mostly nonsense"? Hitler's attempt to take-over the planet was "mostly nonsense?" Cowardly surprise attacks by Japan on American citizens and property was "mostly nonsense?" Spineless terrorist maniacs killing thousands of American citizens on U.S. soil was "mostly nonsense?" Facing down a maniacal dictator in his ruthless attempt to enslave the peaceful nation of Kuwait was "mostly nonsense?" I disagree with your assessment of the role of the American military. I think you are doing a grievous disservice to your fellow veterans, particularly the ones who gave their lives for what you call "mostly nonsense." I hope you are not a history teacher. But, I do thank you for serving your country.
        • Jun 17 2012: Edward: I appreciate your sincere outrage over various atrocities, which certainly happened, but I find that on closer examination, when you know the DETAILS of these cases you mention, you find out that what you are really expressing is the propaganda of "our Side", ignoring the facts on the OTHER side. Such as that the US began a secret undeclared war, using the US navy, in "peacetime" against the German navy in 1941. As for the idea that Hilter wanted to take over the world, that is a fantasy. What he really wanted was to undo the rather viscious anti-German Treaty of Versailles , which one witty British General referred to as "THE PEACE TO END ALL PEACE". And are you aware that those very "terrorist maniscs" you mentioned can be traced right back to the very post WW1 establlishement of Britiish puppet states in the Middle East? With US support?
      • Jun 16 2012: Thank you shawn for the insight and I see you understand that war is murder and that there might be hope that one day may be understood internationally .Lets pray for a more peaceful future..
      • Jun 16 2012: Great point on the lower level municipalities. Oh imagine if only in our small towns we ordered the killing of the opposition? Wecan wax poetic about how great the killing of Bin Laden was, however, when will be able to bring a criminal of humanity to the court of the world on charges of treason and murder? Eventually we will all be one, in my belief. Stratified yes, all the pyramid stuff applies, but tribalism, eeek, we have better human systems.
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        Jun 17 2012: Let's focus on our mutual belief that peace is better than war; that killing is very rarely the only option; that there is no true historical data, only agreed upon lies; that there are two sides to every story; and that people adopt a position/belief and hold to it tenaciously. As for this idea of Ms. Quade's, which does not include the socio/political history of war, I think we agree that a world in which people don't kill people is much more to be desired than one where people kill people. Thank you!
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    Jun 27 2012: Dear Barbara, Thank you for being on this planet! I think that people like you need to either have kids and transmit this message with your whole life or you need to keep shining so that people see your consistent light and start to reflect it.
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    Jun 16 2012: Agree except in self defence.